A virtual 3D fitting room created for the Walmart App to help make the online shopping experience more enjoyable for young professionals while also helping them make informed choices when purchasing items.



UPick is an alternative mobile shopping experience catered for customers who are unable to visit the store and try on clothes during the pandemic. UPick allows their users to virtually try on clothes, then share their outfits with friends and family for suggestions and opinions to help make more informed purchases.

Placed 2nd, out of 18 teams, UPick was nominated by the Walmart design team for its innovative design and the ability to go cross-platform

ROLE: UX Designer

Product thinking, information architecture, user flow, sketching, wireframing, visual design, prototyping


3 UX Designers, 2 Data Scientists, 2 Web Developers and 1 Digital Marketer




Dec 3rd - 4th, 2020 (22 hrs)


Walmart Hackathon

 Created  for


Design Challenge

As the global pandemic is altering consumer behaviors, online shopping (eCommerce) is experiencing unprecedented growth and disruption. Walmart.ca is visited by more than 900,000 Canadians daily, who can choose from millions of items sold by Walmart and third-party sellers to fit their needs. 

What data-driven digital experiences can we deliver to help customers save money and live better?

Problem Space


With the help of our data scientists, we acquired statistics from online e-commerce retailers and found out that items are placed in shopping carts but shoppers are not following through to checkout. 





Is the average shopping cart abandonment rate in 2020



Of online shoppers conduct purchases via their smartphones in 2020




Of participants don't compare shops on another website once they find a product they like based on a DigitalCommerce 360s survey on customer behavior in 2019

We created a design question to help focus our concepts:


How might we make online shopping more enjoyable for young professionals in order to help them make informed choices when purchasing items?


To better understand the goals of a potential customer, we created the persona, Monica. 



Age: 29

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Pain Points

  • As a result of the pandemic, Monica has been forced to change her shopping habits
  • She is avoiding stores as much as possible
  • She struggles with making decisions on what to buy because she can’t try it on 
  • She also misses her friends feedback when shopping together in stores 
  • She has accumulated a lot of items that need to be returned but cannot return them because many businesses are no longer accepting returns due to covid restrictions



Improve the experience of shopping online


Help people make more confident purchases by allowing them to “try things on” and receive feedback on items they are unsure about


Reduce waste by allowing people to make more informed decisions so they are buying items that won’t be returned in the future



UPick improves the online shopping experience to help people make more confident purchases by allowing them to “try things on” virtually and share and receive feedback on items they are unsure about. This is beneficial for the company as it will reduce the number of returns.

Next Steps

This innovative technology can be a huge opportunity for Walmart to be an industry leader. As a third party app, it can be easily integrated into other e-commerce websites and platforms. The next steps to further this project will require:

  • User testing and interviews to get a better understanding of how users interact with the virtual fitting room and the sharing options. 
  • Implementation of personalized measurements to provide a more accurate representation of the customer's virtual avatar.
  • Further develop Feedback, Maybe and Buy features.


Having the opportunity to create a product with a talented team of multidisciplined individuals from the beginning to the end, within 22 hrs, was a mixture of excitement, joy and a sprinkle of stress.

From this experience I learned that working with a short timeline requires a lot of quick decisions and trust in the process. 


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